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The Best Hobbies for Wheelchair Bound Seniors

An elderly man with his home health care nurse in Central Park in New York CityWith today’s technological advancements, being in a wheelchair is no longer as limiting as people once believed. Although in a wheelchair, some activities are still not possible, with a few modifications you can easily still enjoy your favourite pastime activities. The list of possible activities for seniors in wheelchairs can range from stationary hobbies to engaging sports. Because the weather is so hot, here are a few great hobbies to enjoy indoors.

1. Knitting, crochet, and embroidery. These are great activities to do anywhere, especially sitting. Because this activity can be done almost anywhere, it is perfect for wheelchair bound seniors year round. This can be a great pastime because of the flexibility it allows knitters. If your parents are interested in starting, you can easily pick up a starter kit at any local craft store. Especially for those on a budget, picking up knitting, crochet, or embroidery is relatively inexpensive. As you get better, you can begin to knit different pieces of clothing or even add in different patterns.

2. Pick up a musical instrument. Especially if you learned an instrument in the past, picking that hobby back up would be a great pastime. Not only is learning an instrument something that can keep you busy for a while, but playing an instrument is also an opportunity to go out and meet other people. Depending on what kind of instrument, you can join an ensemble or a band even.

3. Painting, sculpting, and/or sketching. These are great stationary activities to do that will channel a lot of creativity. What is great about this hobby is that you don’t need prior experience or training! Depending on what you want to do, with a little practice and effort, a masterpiece can be created. Although the supplies for such activities might be more than other hobbies, art has many beneficial qualities. In addition to being a creative outlet, art can also act as therapy for seniors who are struggling with the new confines of a wheelchair.

4. Modified sports. While many people think that in a wheel chair, sports are not possible, the popularization of the Special Olympics has allowed for sports across the country to be modified for people in wheelchairs. You can even participate in the New York City Special Olympics! Check their calendar for event updates and registration. If you or your loved one is not strong enough to participate in more rigorous sports like basketball, swimming is still an option. With assistance, swimming can help to build muscle strength and even flexibility.

Not being able to walk shouldn’t rob you of your ability to do the things you love. Making the effort to adjust to being in a wheelchair can be difficult, but finding the right hobbies and activities will make a world of a difference. Find the hobby you enjoy most, and excel at it!