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Our Services

Graphic displaying senior and private caregiver in NYC in front of a house.

Delivering Transformative Home Care

Alvita Care is ready to help with a comprehensive and flexible range of home care services that include bedside care, private-duty nursing, and care management. The services we provide help keep older adults safe and secure in their homes or help them return home sooner if hospitalized. We also provide care services for clients of all ages. Whether your loved one is at home, in a hospital, in rehabilitation, or assisted living community, Alvita Care is here to lend a hand.

The flexibility of care services and responsiveness to individual client needs sets Alvita Care apart from others. As home care continues to evolve and expand, we remain focused and invested in the advancements of senior care. Meeting our client’s needs and expectations inspires everything we do. Regardless of your need or stage in your care journey, we’re ready to help.

How Can We Help You?

Home Care Services that Improve Lives

When you choose Alvita Care, you’re placing trust in a licensed, bonded, and insured home care company known for exceptional service to New York and New Jersey families. No private home health aide or caregiver can match our best-in-class services: Home Care, Private Duty Nursing, Hospital Bedside Care, and professional Care Management. Our care plans are Individualized to each client and may include medical and nonmedical professionals based on need. We work to improve the quality of life and reassure family members that the daily needs of loved ones are met.

Graphic showing a young nurse assisting a senior citizen onto his walker. Alvita care provides the best cancer care for NYC seniors. NYC's best home care for cancer patients.

Home Care

Alvita Care is best known for providing home care services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey. We provide personalized care and assistance to support activities of daily living (ADLs).

In-home care is helpful for older adults dealing with the natural process of aging, living with medical conditions, or who are recovering from surgery. Our client care coordinators and Registered Nurses work collaboratively to develop a Care Plan that considers the client’s intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. These individualized Care Plans provide supportive senior services that are delivered by trained and experienced NYC caregivers backed up by a team of professionals and credentialed clinical staff.

Home Care Services Often Include

Dressing and Grooming
Bathing and Hygiene Assistance
Light Housekeeping and Meal Prep
Errands and Help Attending Appointments and Events
Mobility and Transfer Assistance
Toileting and Incontinence Care

Alvita Care is Wellness Focused

We understand that seeking a home caregiver is an opportunity for a client to improve their life, so Alvita’s exclusive “Real Connections” care-matching process pairs clients with a caregiver in New York City or New Jersey that meets their requirements. Whether it’s the need for an extra pair of hands around the house for several hours a week or 24-hour live-in care and companionship, we’re ready to assist. Our NYC home care team is dedicated to improving quality of life, meeting personal needs and relieving family members. Learn more about Home Care.

Graphic showing bedside care by private duty nurses, NYC. Cancer care is offered by Alvita Care

Bedside Care

Bedside Care places a Registered Nurse (RN) or Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) at the side of a patient admitted to a hospital, specialty hospital, or skilled nursing facility. A bedside nurse affords clients a seamless experience during a hospital stay or transition back home, provides comfort, and gives family members greater peace of mind. Our bedside nursing staff are known for professionalism, and compassion, and for facilitating better communication between patients and the health care organization.

Bedside Care Services Include

Monitoring Medical Condition, Medication Changes, Tests
Attending to Immediate Needs and Ensuring Comfort
Assuring Care Continuity from Hospital to Home
Assisting with Fall Prevention
Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Help with Daily Living Activities

 We’re Proactive Patient Advocates

Bedside care services from an RN or CNA can include patient advocacy and around-the-clock monitoring. It’s a valuable service during a hospital stay and the return home for those recovering from surgery or major medical procedures. Learn more about Bedside Care.

Alvita Care and its team members are proud to be the private-duty nursing and companion care provider at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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Private Duty Nursing

If you need a private-duty nurse in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, or New Jersey, Alvita Care is your best resource. Private-duty nursing helps clients with more advanced medical needs and provides complex and individualized medical care at home. It’s a level of care on par with what’s available in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Our private-duty nurses can provide a stand-alone service and are available on a per-hour or per-visit basis.

Private Duty Nursing Services Can Cover

Post-Surgical Support and Recovery
Catheter, Ostomy, and Stoma Care
Enteral (Tube) Feeding
Ventilator and Tracheostomy Management
Daily Health Assessments and Wound Care
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Support
Medication Management and Administration
Infusion and Injection Therapies and IV Support

Skilled Nursing Care in the Comfort of Home

Alvita Care’s private-duty nursing staff coordinates care with our client’s doctors and other health care providers to assure a higher standard of care while enjoying the comfort and security of home. Individuals receiving skilled nursing services at home also tend to have fewer emergency department visits and rehospitalizations due to the increased level of care and oversight. Learn more about Private Duty Nursing.

Care manager discusses home care plan with family members.

Care Management

Our Client Care Managers (CCMs) are a carefully selected team of professionals who provide one-on-one assistance with everything from immediate medical necessities to long-term care planning. They are experts at developing client-centered care plans that consider the psychological, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and physical needs of each client. Our holistic care plans help reduce the likelihood of hospitalizations and provide greater stability and peace of mind.

Care Management Services Include

Clinical Management
Long-Term Planning
Assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living​
Care Coordination for a Transition Home​

The Right Team By Your Side

Alvita Care’s CCMs are the client’s advocates and the family’s liaisons, offering invaluable assistance for family members who are overwhelmed, overcommitted or separated by distance. Clients lean on our CCMs when they experience a major life shift, such as the loss of a loved one, or a medical or personal change in circumstance, such as a transition home from an in-patient stay. Learn more about Care Management.

Alvita Care Services Provide the Optimal Home Care Level for Every Need.