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Explaining to Your Parents Why You Can’t Care For Them

a happy senior couple living in NYCEveryday 10,000 baby boomers turn 65, increasing the demand for caregiving nationwide. As your parents continue to age, your care responsibilities can become difficult to manage along with your career and family.  But how do you explain to your parents that you can no longer serve as a full-time caregiver?  And how do you justify hiring an aid to meet your aging parents’ needs?

Because of the growing demand, elderly services are easier to obtain and are available in varying levels of care.

From senior homes to private full time live in care, the healthcare industry has adapted to the expanding aging population. Depending on the mobility and independence of your parents, hiring a caregiver may be the best way to make sure that your parents’ needs are being met. While it is important to be invested in the welfare of your parents’ lives as they continue to progress in age, it is also important to acknowledge that professional healthcare providers are more able to provide the proper care and assistance that your parents need.

Not only can a third party certified healthcare agent provide better care than you for your aging parents, but if your parents have been investing in long term healthcare insurance, utilizing a third party can allow for your parents to take advantage of the policies that they may have invested years of income in to. Be sure to talk to your parents about this, as being proactive can help to ensure that your parents are receiving the assistance they need before an emergency situation occurs.

Talking about senior nursing homes to your elderly parents can be difficult as the connotation that is attached to them can be different from what the modern reality of assisted living actually is. Throughout the nation the levels of assistance found within senior care homes can vary depending on the amount of care necessitated by residents. What is important to emphasize when discussing various care options with your aging parents is that their independence, safety, and needs are a high priority. Especially when considering moving your parents to a fulltime nursing facility, reassuring your parents that their independence will be preserved for as long as possible is important.

Especially with people living longer, healthier lives it is important to make sure that your parents are continuing to get the proper care and assistance necessary to stay healthy and happy. Navigating the waters of geriatric care can be difficult, especially when juggling all of your other responsibilities.