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Elderly Bath Time: Getting to Know Disabled Bathtubs and Showers

 a hydromassage bathtubThe issue of elders who have the challenge of taking showers and baths is rising as our population grows older.

It is important to understand the options with devices created to help elderly adults take care of their hygiene needs.  Bathing is essential in our daily routines, and as we age, it becomes difficult.

Below are some elderly devices that can be used to help your aging parents bathe and shower regularly.

Bathtub Transfer Bench: A bathtub transfer bench is essential for getting an aging adult or an adult with limited mobility safely in and out of bathtubs. This product has many different variations to help the elderly with bathing.

Folding Bath Bench with Back: This is a chair designed for the elderly when they are taking a shower. It is perfect for everyday use and also good when your elderly parent travels because it easily folds up and can travel. Another important fact for your elderly parent is that it has holes in the seat to reduce slipping, giving them added peace of mind.

Bathtub Lift: A bathtub lift helps many elderly people because it raises and lowers the person into and out of the bathtub. It is powered by a battery that is typically rechargeable. This is a perfect solution for elderly parents that are at risk of slipping and falling due to decreased endurance or poor balance yet still enjoy taking a bath.

Bath Rail: A bath rail is an example of a grab bar attached to the side of a tub, providing additional support to older adults while moving in and out of the tub. A bath rail is usually removable and not permanent, making it an excellent option for your elderly parent.

Bathroom Grab Bars: When you are helping an aging parent, bathroom grab bars are a must in every situation. Bathroom grab bars range in size/shape and can come in about every finish imaginable, which is enjoyed by the elderly. The grab bar can be placed in a wide variety of places, including by the shower, toilet, and bathtub. Elderly adults should use this when they need extra support moving in and out of the shower, on and off of the toilet, etc.

Hand Held Shower Head: For an elderly parent who enjoys sitting down on a shower chair, an added help is a handheld shower head because it allows them to shower more easily.

Wheelchair or handicap-accessible shower: For the elderly, a simple solution to being able to shower is to have a wheelchair-accessible shower installed. This is a “curbless” shower that is also called a walk-in or roll-in shower that is deep enough so that your elderly parent’s entire wheelchair can easily fit in it.

The ability to shower and bathe is taken for granted by many, but as you age and become elderly this simple task becomes a luxury. Elderly people, for one reason or another, cannot negotiate the high curb of a traditional shower, and they certainly can’t get into a bathtub. These devices designed for elderly and handicapped people can easily allow the activity of showering and bathing back into their lives.

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