Hiring a Home Care Agency in New York City

Choosing the Right Home Care Agency in New York

Information about choosing to put your loved ones in a retirement home or to get home care provided at their apartment or house in New York City and Long Island NYToday in our society, it is important to select and work with a home care agency you can trust. At Alvita Home Care we want to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of care possible. It is important not only for you to feel comfortable having a caregiver in your loved one’s home, but also that your loved one feels just as relaxed as well.

We work extremely hard to hire and train high level quality caregivers and we want to work with you to help ease the burden of selecting a homecare agency. Here are a few pieces of advice for when you decide to look into whether or not homecare is right for you. You can also call us anytime at 212-273-0490.

While often one can find local resources and caregivers online on sites such as Craigslist, Care.com, etc. It is important to check the references and background of those individuals before bringing them into your home.

At Alvita Care we provide background checks on any and all individuals that we hire.

These background checks are performed both by New York State and by our team as well. Additionally, before a caregiver is brought into our system they must be screened, brought through our interview process, and trained. We take pride in the fact that all of our caregivers are high quality caregivers. Additionally, we have trained geriatric care managers to help you along the way and to manage our caregivers, which will take all of the pressure off you when it comes to scheduling, etc.

One of the scariest things an individual can encounter is to bring an individual into one’s home to assist their loved one and to then find out that the individual does not have high moral character. At Alvita Care we want to make sure that you are never placed into that situation. Your loved one should be able to age in place safely and we are proud to be able to assist with that.

Our caregivers can assist with in home personal care that includes a multitude of activities.

Some of these include housekeeping, preparing meals, shopping, bathing and even providing a companion for your loved one. Additionally, we can assist with going to a doctor’s appointment, any social events, hair appointments or other activities your loved one may want to attend. Finally, it is important to know your loved one is able to maintain their daily morning routine. Alvita Care’s highly trained caregivers can be there to assist with dressing, eating, moving around, and any other personal care activities that your loved one may need. For assistance, we are available anytime and we are open 24/7 to help you and your loved one feel as comfortable as possible.

Two main areas that our caregivers can focus on are Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and Instrumental activities of Daily Living (IADL’s). As mentioned previously activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, eating, transferring oneself, being able to control one’s continence and toileting. Our caregivers can assist with ADL’s within your loved one’s home and ensure that they are comfortable and taking care of as efficiently as possible. IDL’s on the other hand include, activities that your loved one may need to help themselves live independently. These include using the telephone, managing their medication, preparing meals, caring for their home, managing their finances, shopping, and using transportation. Typically, ADL’s and IADL’s work hand in hand and our caregiver can assist your loved ones as they may slow down regarding their mental or physical functions. Typically, a specialist, nurse, doctor, or a geriatric social worker can assess an individual’s ADL and IADL to determine where care may be required regarding these activities.

If you have additionally questions regarding whether or not you may need homecare, please check out our website at www.alvitacare.com. Here we have many interactive assessment’s and quizzes you can take to determine whether home care is the right path for you. Additionally, if you are unsure which needs your loved one may need help with, you can take our needs assessment which can help to answer your questions.

Alvita Care is a licensed home care agency in New York City that has earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. We take great pride in providing quality level home care services and we want to help you and your loved one today. Don’t bring a stranger into your home and risk the safety and happiness of your loved one. Let us find the right caregiver for you and save yourself a ton of hassle in the long run. We are ready and waiting, call 212-273-0490 today.

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About Alvita Care

About AlvitaCare

Alvita Care is a fully licensed home healthcare company providing premier in home caregiver services to seniors living in New York City and on Long Island NY. With offices in Midtown Manhattan and Hauppauge NY, Alvita Care was founded in 2008 upon the idea of "Care Without Compromise". Our care-giving services enhance seniors' lives, by improving their well-being, dignity and independence. We have earned The Joint Commissions Gold Seal of Approval and pride ourselves with our proprietary caregiver matching process that carefully matches our experience caregivers to each client based on personality and technical skills needed. Alvita Care can help whether you need assistance for several hours a few times a week or you require live-in or around-the-clock assistance. Our caregivers provide assurance and relief to families by relieving their anxiety, knowing that their loved one is safe, happy and lovingly cared for.