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Communication Tips to Elderly with Alzheimer’s

An elderly man laughing with his sonThe most challenging part when taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s  disease has to be the loss of translation between you and he or she who has Alzheimer’s disease  When facing a problem such as this one it is always advisable to remember some things it may be frustrating but can help in the long run.

Keep calm

Always remember that your loved one (although they may not realize it) is depending on you to not panic, therefore it is your job to calm them. Most Alzheimer’s victims have no idea that they have this disease so it is best not to panic them by reminding them that they are sick. At this point in their life time has stopped and it won’t really matter whether they know if their sick or not, it will just take more time to calm them down if they panic by you telling them this. Best

Way to go is with the drift.


Have patience

It will be frustrating trying to get someone with Alzheimer’s to have a conversation with you the way they normally used to. Just keep in mind that they have disease that is keeping them from communicating with you properly.


Identify yourself

When attempting to talk to someone who has Alzheimer’s disease you must first always tell them who you are and what your relationship to them is. For example introducing yourself as a friend will almost always make an Alzheimer’s victim feel comfortable. Keep in mind to have good eye contact.


Call your elderly loved one by his or her name

By addressing your elderly loved one by his or her first name , this will help get your loved ones attention.   It will also help in  convincing them that you know them.


Sweet, simple, and to the point.

Never use big words or long phrases when speaking to elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s as this tends to overwhelm them . Always ask one question at a time.


Repeat,  Repeat,  Repeat

It always takes some time for someone with Alzheimer’s to understand what they’re being told and what they are being asked. So repeat as often as they need you to and give them some time to respond and if they don’t let some time pass and ask again.


Refrain from using statements that might seem literal.

Try not to say anything such as “jump in” you don’t want your elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s to take what you said seriously and actually jump.


Although Alzheimer’s disease can be and seem very scary it is definitely not the end of the world for your aging parent . We are all at some point in time going to have challenges such as this some more than others , but when it comes to elderly care, aging partners and seniors who have Alzheimer’s it is always best to keep yourself positive.


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