Caring for Your Elderly Parents in NYC

NYC yellow taxi in the cityLiving in New York City is no piece of cake.

We deal with constant frustrations such as dealing with public transportation, paying city taxes, waiting for Time Warner Cable to fix the TV.. The list can go on and on and eventually we can become overwhelmed.

When you’re dealing with an elderly parent while living in NYC, however, life can sometimes feel unbearable.  Caring for your elderly parents in NYC can add countless additional worries ranging from wondering if there is slippery ice or cracks on the sidewalk to ensuring the apartment elevators are constantly working.    Sometimes it is hard to balance your own life with the needs of your elderly parent.

Below are some tips that can be helpful in getting yourself organized to care for your elderly parents in NYC.

1)     Enlist help from your parent’s neighbors and doormen: 

Make sure that the building employees and your parent’s neighbors are aware that your elderly loved one needs special attention.  Whether helping your parent with groceries or keeping an eye out to make sure they return on time from lunch with a friend, having a team approach to caring for an elderly loved one is key.  It is important to provide the people who will be keeping a watchful eye over your elderly parent with your personal contact details so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you will be notified immediately in the event of an emergency.

2)     Create a routine: 

While living in NYC may provide an endless list of attractions and activities for the elderly,  it can also provide endless opportunities for accidents and emergencies to occur.  Having a consistent routine that your loved one follows on a daily basis will allow you to better monitor their activities and assure that they are safe. If an emergency happens, it will make it easier to locate your parent in the city and assure that there is someone around them who can help them when in need.

3)     Arrange for a visiting doctor and nurse:

At Alvita Care, we have found that a great advantage to having an elderly parent that lives in NYC is their accessibility to a visiting doctor program.  This can save your loved one the long trip and hassle involved in getting to a doctor’s office. NYC has many visiting nurse and doctor programs. At Alvita Home Care, a representative can help refer you to a program that best fits the needs of your elderly parents.

Caring for your elderly parents in NYC can definitely be a challenge. But following our tips and consulting with Alvita Care representatives can help minimize the chance for emergencies and help make the best of your parents experience in New York City!


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