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Dementia versus normal aging Image shows a happy old lady from a village in Greece
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Dementia versus Normal Aging Process

The Normal Aging Process vs. Dementia As an individual gets older, some aspects of their life may change and this is normal with aging. These changes are a standard part of the aging process and can happen to the elderly regardless of their…
Mother in a NYC hospital Portrait of a mature woman comforting senior man while sitting on sofa

My Senior Mom is at NYC hospital, What does this mean?

Your Senior Mom is in a NYC hospital, What Should You Do? First, let me extend my sympathies and encourage you to channel all your patience because this journey will most likely be a bumpy one.  Keep reminding yourself that it is not the staff’s…
A Geriatric Care Manager in New York City, Portrait of an elder mother and daughter smiling outdoors

Geriatric Care Management in New York & New Jersey

Geriatric Care Management in Greater New York City Geriatric Care Management involves caring for elderly individuals and the challenges they may face as they grow older. These programs usually center around the client and are tailored to each…
Elderly happy couple in their New York City apartment.

New York Seniors Overcome the Winter Blues

Tips for Seniors on How to Avoid the Wintertime Blues Everyone in the New York City area comes to learn; the holidays are a beautiful time with cheer, Christmas lights, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and happiness. Unfortunately, the holidays…
Loving wife cares for her elderly husband with alzheimers disease in NYC
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Alzheimers Disease and Other Dementias

Alzheimer's and other Dementia Patients Need Memory Care As elderly individuals grow older they often begin to experience memory loss and gain other symptoms of brain impairment. Dementia is a common form of memory loss that can affect an individual’s…
Breast Cancer awareness for Seniors living at home in NYC, our home care providers help elderly seniors with the tasks of daily independent living

Breast Cancer and Seniors

Seniors: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Breast cancer that is detected early and treated has a 98% success rate. More research has led to extraordinary leaps in knowledge of how to detect, diagnose and treat breast cancer patients.…
Aging at home in New York. Seniors often eat alone, better is when senior women can enjoy a meal together as in this stock photo. Two elderly seniors eating alone together in the kitchen
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What Happens When Seniors Always Eat Alone?

More people are eating alone today than they did before. Seniors specifically might eat alone more than most. Eating alone can be good for confidence but too much of it can be difficult. Changing recipes from 2 or more servings to just one…
An elderly man with dementia talks with his son outside in the backyard of their house on Long Island. He has a Alzheimer's disease and needs home care in NYC
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Connecting with Elderly Dementia

Part of being human is connecting with other people, friends and family. Fortunately, dementia does not take that away from us. Finding activities that continue to build and strengthen bonds between you and your loved one can feel impossible…
Home health care worker and an elderly couple playing game

Fun Games that Seniors Play on Game Night

Game Night for Seniors Spending extended time alone can be difficult for seniors. It can be especially painful after the loss of a spouse or when mobility problems limit their ability to be involved in the community. A simple way to help avoid…