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News and Recent Senior Care Updates

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Hip Fracture Prevention in the Elderly

One of the more common ailments that can happen to elderly individuals is a hip fracture. Hip fractures occur in over 1 out of 10 elderly New York City individuals and it is important to practice safe prevention and treatment methods. At Alvita…
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Muscular Dystrophy in Elderly Individuals Living in NYC

Muscular dystrophy occurs in elderly individuals as they loose muscle mass and become weak. Often there are mutations that block protein from forming in a healthy muscle causing dystrophy to happen. There are multiple kinds of muscular dystrophy.…
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Flu Prevention in the Elderly in NY & NJ

Flu Prevention for Seniors living in Greater New York City Every year flu season hits and it can be a horrible time of year for both caregivers, loved ones, and parents. Flu Prevention is important and Alvita Home Care supports all NYC metro…
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Dementia & Memory Care: How Music Can Help

Alvita Care helps support those whose loved ones may suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia in New York City & Long Island. While there are many tips and tricks to help elderly New York City individuals cope with dementia, the use of music…
Seniors living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease are vuneralble to extra risks like wandering around New York City streets alone.
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Adjusting to Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Sundowner’s Syndrome

For many elderly New Yorkers, especially those that struggle with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, Sundowner’s Syndrome can be a hard adjustment to cope with. During this time, many elderly New York City individuals can…
Bedsores aren't a problem for this happy senior couple chatting on bed

Bedsores and the Elderly: Providing Home Care in NYC

Bedsores can be a problem Our NYC care givers are trained to help reduce them When caring for an elderly New York City individual it is important to be aware of any and all ailments that may affect their lives on a daily basis. One ailment…
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Mascular Degeneration in the Eyes of the Elderly

Mascular degeneration can affect vision in elderly individuals. The mascula is located at the center of the retina. This area of the eye is extremely sensitive to light and it is located towards the back of a person’s eye. Additionally, the…
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Encouraging Active Lifestyles in Seniors

Ways to Encourage Seniors to Live Active Lifestyles Encouraging seniors to stay active; especially during the winter months is extremely important. As elderly individuals age, they often become sluggish, tired, weak, and they can experience…
the flatiron building is an iconic landmark for seniors to get around the Flatiron District NYC

Medicare and Senior Home Care Companies in NYC

Navigating Medicare when it comes to Home Care in NYC Among home health care companies in New York City, home care can provide numerous services for an elderly individual in their home when they are sick or may be wounded. Examples of services…