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Medicare vs. Medicaid – What’s the Difference?

While looking for assisted living accommodations for your parents, you may find that some agencies or homes accept either Medicare or Medicaid, both or neither. Here is a handy guide to help you navigate the waters of health insurance for the…
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Battling Alzheimer’s with Friends

When diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, often patients are told the things that they should not be doing. While there absolutely needs to be alterations in life style by people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, this doesn’t completely limit…
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Elderly Bath Time: Getting to Know Disabled Bathtubs and Showers

The issue of elders who have a challenge to take showers and baths is rising as our population grows older. It is important to understand the options that exist with devises that are created to help elderly adult take care of their hygiene…
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Elderly Bath Time: Getting Seniors to Shower and Bathe Regularly

Elderly people are not babies and as they continue to age, many feel like they are treated more like an infant than like the mature adult they are. This is especially true when the topic of showering or bathing on a regular basis comes up between…
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Nutrition for the Elderly: 5 Things Every Care Giver Should Know

While your aging parents may not have special dietary needs, it is important to make sure they are still receiving all of the proper nutrients necessary to live a longer and healthier life. As your parents age, certain foods become more important…
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Elderly Mom Can’t Chew Well

Chef Eddy Recently my elderly mom lost her bottom teeth and although we have dentures they don’t really fit that well.  My elderly mom feels embarrassed when we have to feed her baby food but we are at a loss?  Can you help? Many thanks, Shelia Shelia Thanks…
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Dealing with the Guilt of Hiring Home Care for Your Parents

It started about three years ago that my cell phone would ring every hour or so. At first my mother’s calls were predictable –wondering where I was at, when I was able to come by for dinner, if I had re-scheduled her doctor appointment,…
Portrait of the smiling elderly woman, sitting outdoor
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Finding the Right Fit: Caregiving Cross Cultures

“Alvita Care has been an incredible relief for me” For Daniel, finding the right care for his mother, Rona, was a complex and strenuous process. But today, Daniel could not be more satisfied with the wonderful women who look after his…
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Food and Film: Passions of a Client-Caregiver Relationship

“She’s just a darling lady and a great pal!” These are the words that 83 year old Gene L. used to introduce his caregiver and friend, Caroline K. It is not every day that you see such a close relationship between a client and their caretaker. Caroline…