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Lifting Weights Help the Elderly Maintain Brain Function

It has been suggested that aging parents working out has many benefits from a healthy lifestyle, keeping the body mobile and fit & it releases “happy” neurons in the brain. Although this still holds true, there has been other recent…
Bedsores aren't a problem for this happy senior couple chatting on bed
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Elderly Parents and an Active Sex Life

A recent study presented at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting in Boston reported that older married couples who still engage in sexual activity are more likely to report happiness in their relationship and with their lives…
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Looking Out for our Neighbors

New York can be an exciting, bustling place to live. But it can also be isolating and lonely. The elderly often find the streets harder to navigate, stairs steeper to climb and the old friends fewer and further between. Phyllis, like many…
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Spring Hobbies for NYC Elderly and Seniors

Great weather is on the horizon for New York City, so why not take advantage of this much needed change of season. Seniors everywhere are starting to venture outside for a breath of fresh air and a few rays of sunshine. Here are some great…
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Elder-Care Services: Alvita Home Care Loves What We Do!

Alvita Home Care Proudly Serves Greater NYC Area Senior Citizens What makes Alvita Care unique from other caregiver agencies is our high quality of customer service and well-trained staff. As a care agency, we work to not only provide superior…
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Staying Fit: Tips for the Elderly

Age can be a debilitating aspect of your parent’s life, especially as they begin to progress in mobility and independence. But this doesn't have to stop them from living their life to the fullest and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle! Regular…
elderly woman with possible macular degeneration

Elderly with Age Related Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is affecting more of the elderly population and can be very limiting and concerning for those that have it. It Is the leading cause of sever vision loss in people over the age of 60 and although macular degeneration is…
Depression and Aging in NYC In a dark place: Dramatic exagerated low key portrait of an elderly woman looking very depressed and alone.

Depression Strikes Older Women More Often Than Men

Older women are more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression and remain depressed for a longer period of time than men, a new study shows. Depression in the elder is a disease that causes older adults to feel sad, to lose interest in activities,…
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Holistic Fixes Used at Alvita Care

Nearly three out of every four adults over age 50 use some kind of alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine, according to a new study. There are many different kinds of holistic medicines available today for the elderly.…