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Preventing Falls in the Elderly Living in New York City

How to Prevent a Fall - Alvita Home Care in New York City As a continuation of our “Aging In Place” article, we wanted to give you a few tips on staying safe in your home and what to look for when necessary to add some precautions as you…
Depression and Aging in NYC In a dark place: Dramatic exagerated low key portrait of an elderly woman looking very depressed and alone.

Aging and Depression in the Elderly in NYC

Aging and Depression in the Elderly Living in New York City As you or your loved ones get older, many changes: deaths or long illnesses, retirement, or moving may contribute to heightened stress or grief. Feeling unhappy is a natural reaction…
Aging at home in New York. Seniors often eat alone, better is when senior women can enjoy a meal together as in this stock photo. Two elderly seniors eating alone together in the kitchen

Aging in Place - Seniors Who Choose to Live at Home

“Aging In Place”is our forte here at Alvita Care! No matter what age or ability, we do our best to facilitate your comfort within and without your home. According to the 2010-2014 U.S. Census Bureau, 96% of older New Yorkers are aging…
A senior woman living in New York has coffee with her home caregiver.

Mindfulness & Seniors Living in NYC

The Benefits of Mindful Meditation Our world is filled with technological and medical advances, but rarely are we in a position to stop and consider what this means for our well-being as individuals. For seniors and the elderly, these considerations…
Senior woman checking her sugar level because she has diabetes that needs to be managed.
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Type 2 Diabetes Prevention in Seniors Living in New York City

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in NYC Seniors Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to control blood sugar. Diabetes can be caused by too little insulin, a resistance to insulin, or both. There are two types of diabetes, easily remembered…
Family portrait - middle age daughter and an organized senior mother living in New York City.

Elder Bruising and Prevention

As we get older, our bodies become more sensitive to bruising and other marks. Elderly New York City senior’s bodies can go through natural changes that make their skin weaker and more susceptible to wear and tear. Additionally, a lack of…
Information about choosing to put your loved ones in a retirement home or to get home care provided at their apartment or house in New York City and Long Island NY

Hiring a Home Care Agency in New York City

Choosing the Right Home Care Agency in New York Today in our society, it is important to select and work with a home care agency you can trust. At Alvita Home Care we want to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of care possible.…
Young nurse assisting a senior citizen onto his walker

Hip Fracture Prevention in the Elderly

One of the more common ailments that can happen to elderly individuals is a hip fracture. Hip fractures occur in over 1 out of 10 elderly New York City individuals and it is important to practice safe prevention and treatment methods. At Alvita…
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Muscular Dystrophy in Elderly Individuals Living in NYC

Muscular dystrophy occurs in elderly individuals as they loose muscle mass and become weak. Often there are mutations that block protein from forming in a healthy muscle causing dystrophy to happen. There are multiple kinds of muscular dystrophy.…