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Aging in Place – Seniors Who Choose to Live at Home

“Aging In Place” is our forte here at Alvita Care!

No matter what age or ability, we do our best to facilitate your comfort within and without your home.

Two senior women enjoying meal togetherAccording to the 2010-2014 U.S. Census Bureau, 96% of older adults in the New York City Metropolitan area are aging in place – meaning that they are choosing to stay in their home cities and neighbourhoods instead of moving away.

Reasons for this can range from stable living conditions to having strong ties in the community. As we age, familiarity can be comforting, even necessary for day-to-day tasks. Because older residents are such a treasure and foundation of our neighbourhoods, we have many amazing support networks and opportunities in place for seniors.

Despite the positive aspects, staying in your home or neighbourhood can present some challenges that may not be immediately apparent. Many apartment buildings and older businesses may be slow to meet older residents’ needs in updating entryways, open spaces and living spaces and this can become dangerous and may lead to increased risk in falling, one of the highest causes of injury among seniors. While we will be posting about falling prevention in an article coming soon, it is vitally important to be comfortable and safe within the confines of your home and local neighbourhood, especially for those with memory issues.

The decision, when appropriate to stay in your home or to relocate to a residence where one might receive more assistance is one of the most important questions to face.

Choices seniors and their families face when choosing how to move forward with a living situation

Here at Alvita Care, we accommodate our clients’ wishes and as we specialize in providing in-home care in NYC, Westchester County, NY, as well as Long Island, and northern New Jersey. We want you and your family to feel secure in the knowledge that we will do our best to make you as safe and comfortable as possible.

Familiarity within your apartment or own home is so important, as are connections to your local neighbourhood and neighbours! Maintaining those connections can be not only spiritually and mentally rewarding, but also a true avenue of support in times of need.

For those who’ve made the decision to “age in place,” we encourage you and your family to discuss the measures and activities that you feel most comfortable scheduling into your daily routine.

Thankfully, we live in one of the best places for seniors in the world! Our metropolitan area has some of the best support agencies and groups out there for you. Your neighbourhood may be offering some truly stellar senior programs and discounts at senior centre, social adult day care programs, libraries, and cultural centre in your area.

These local programs offer great ways to connect with that neighbourhood you love so much, including:

  • Group exercise – The YMCA and senior centre often offer gentle or chair yoga, senior swim classes and so much more.
  • Book clubs –Check your local library for groups that read books in your preferred genre. Many libraries have senior programs where they will send/deliver books to your home if it is more convenient for you.
  • Educational classes – Again, your local library has great (usually free) courses in beginning computer use, exploring your iPhone, and offers special talks in history and authors’ work.
  • Cultural programs – There are countless senior programs and discounts at museums, music venues, dance centre – anywhere you want to go, it’s very likely that they offer something for you!
  • Group trips/tours – Whether you’re interested in historical homes, architecture, gardens, or artwork, there are many opportunities in our area. Many of these locations are ADA certified and offer great options and discounts for senior groups. Check your local senior centre to see if they have anything planned that interests you.

…And so much more!

The resources are out there for you to explore anything that tickles your fancy. An easy-to-use and comprehensive resource can be found at www.nyc-arts.org/seniors.

At Alvita Care, we make it easy for you to do the things that you love, whether that is in your home or out in your neighbourhood! We offer great Companion Care options in the New York City area, helping you to maintain the lifestyle that you want and are accustomed to, as well as encouraging you to explore your interests. If you are interested in setting up care, please call our office at (212) 273-0490 to speak with an Alvita Care representative!