When Parents Don’t Want to Live with their Children.

The clasped hands of an elderly woman seeking hospice care in New York City

There is a time when you become aware that a parent or loved one can no longer live safely on their own. Many seniors prefer to stay at home and hire the help of a home health care agency. There are many reasons our loved ones choose Home Health care verse depending on family to care for them.
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Some seniors don’t want to concern their children with providing care, even when they are willing to care for them. Many seniors want to remain independent as long as they can. Depending on their children can be difficult to accept, and could make them feel less independent.

Extended family holding hands and walking in park

Those seniors who are healthy enough for Independent living or living with the support form a home health care agency continue to have a passion for staying involved in their communities. Seniors who rely on assistance with activities of daily living also need to remain socially active. For many, that’s what attracts them to the services provided by home health care agencies like Alvita Care. Seniors can attend lectures, exercise, tour museums, or attend one of New York’s many theaters.

Seniors who have in the past been active socially, culturally and politically tend to want to continue to participate in these activities. Staying connected to others is very important.

Sometimes coming to an agreement regarding what type of care is needed can leave children and parents in disagreement. Reaching out for help can benefit both parties. A professional such as a social worker can help you and a loved one work through the conflict. It is helpful to understand another perspective.
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Portrait of an elder mother and daughter smiling outdoorsIt is recommended for parents and their children to make the time to have a discussion about what the parent wants when it comes to additional care before care is needed. Planning a time to talk allows conversations to be honest which can bring a clear understanding of types of care that matches what the parent wants and what the child believes in necessary.

We don’t always agree with our loved ones on the best living situation when they begin showing signs of aging. Both children and their parents want this time of their lives to be as fulfilling as possible. We may wish to take on the role of caregiver but some seniors feel uncomfortable accepting personal help from their children. A Home Health Care Agency is a solution for seniors who have reached this point in life.

Unless a parent is not able to make these decisions, it is still up to them to decide the type of care they want to receive. They are entitled to make those choices. Maintaining a positive relationship with our loved ones is most important. Remember to pick your battles and to continue to support them as age.