aging parent and son at the kitchen table in their NYC apartmentWhat to Expect as Parents Grow Older

At Alvita Care, we often get asked by adult children with elderly parents what they should expect from their parents as they get older and how they can learn to deal with this difficult situation.

These are complex questions as dealing with the elderly and coping with aging parents is a process that is different for each individual. Taking care of another person is difficult to begin with, but dealing with aging parents can be especially stressful and exhausting.
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For many older adults, anxiety heightens with age. This is caused largely because self-perception changes as one experiences physical and mental difficulties. Many factors cause this such as decreased mobility, loss of vision and hearing, and increased dependence on others. Completing a simple task of running an errand can easily become an entire day-long activity. This stark dependence is often the driving point of this anxiety and can lead to difficulties communicating and interacting within the entire family.
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It is essential to remember to maintain your own peace of mind and keep things in perspective. As adult children, your communication style is going to have to be tailored to speaking with an elderly parent. You need to really listen to your parents and try to determine what their true motivations and needs are. Patience and communication are essential for open and honest growth.
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At Alvita Care, the best strategy we can suggest is to keep calm and remember that you are doing the best that you to help your elderly parent. At times when the situation seems to become almost impossible to deal with, take a deep breath and a step back while you regain your strength to carry on. Sometimes keeping your cool is the best way to handle these difficult times.


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