When you are a senior, there plenty of ways that you can save money!

Happy senior couple together in love, outside, blue skyThere are great deals that exist for your elderly parents that are worth taking advantage of! When out with your parents, don’t forget to ask for senior citizen discounts—you will be surprised at the benefits that you will find!

Just when you thought a night out on the town with your elderly parents in New York City would cost you a fortune, we wanted to share with you this wonderful link that will give you information about NYC Senior Discounts for Subways, Buses, Attractions, and more.

Many museums have special events designed for seniors!

Not only are the events specifically catered to seniors’ needs but they also offer discounted rates! Often times escorts are provided for such events, wheel chairs are accessible, and audio equipment is provided. In addition, family members or caregivers are typically invited free of cost so that your elderly parent can attend with a companion. Check out opportunities such as the Rubin Museum of Art’s Senior Mondays!

Just when you thought the YMCA was only offering activities for your kids, you can discover that the YMCA actually offers many opportunities for your elderly parents. Such activities can keep them engaged during daytime and night. Check out the YMCA activity calender.

With these discounts and opportunities, there is no reason why your elderly parents can’t enjoy a culturally rich life as they age without emptying their bank account. At Alvita Care, we think everyone should live a full life even as we grow old. Alvita’s caregivers often accompany clients to events in order to get them out of the house or the nursing home and get some fresh air. Call Alvita Care today and we can make some real time suggestions on what activity or event will be fun and appropriate for your elderly parent!


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