a couple sitting on a park bench in the grassThe Loeb Boathouse at Central Park has opened with the advent of good weather, kicking off the season for renting rowboats, kayaks, and paddleboats!

For seniors who are new to retirement, the boathouse has a great assortment of activities and hobbies to offer.

Take advantage of the natural beauty that Central Park has to offer and enjoy the beautiful weather with a loved one. Rent a rowboat and take our your elderly spouse for a great romantic daytime activity, complete with a picnic in Sheep’s Meadow or Strawberry Fields.

These are great activities to do especially if you are still independently mobile and able to participate in such physical activities.

Even if you don’t live in Manhattan, some of the surrounding boroughs have parks with lakes that offer boat rentals! Marine Park in Brooklyn has park kayak and paddle boat rentals in addition to bike rentals that you can rent by the hour! Depending on the park that you visit, rental offerings and activity options will vary.

For more water activities in Queens and Long Island, visit the Flushing Meadows Lake Boathouse. They offer hydrobikes, rowboats and paddleboats, which are great for seniors! Especially for the elderly, hydrobikes are a great way to remain sitting while using leg power to push around a water vehicle! This is a great joint activity that seniors can enjoy with their spouse or a caregiver!

If you live in Staten Island, head to Clove Lakes Park Lake Club to rent rowboats and paddleboats.

Not only are these outdoor activities fun and relatively inexpensive, these are activities that can be enjoyed as a group! This makes the hobby easy to share and enjoy with loved ones.
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Make sure to check the local listings on each park, especially for hours of operation and pricing. These will vary between parks and also can help you check on availability of rentals.
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For those seniors that do not wish to participate, going down the lake is a nice way to spend a pleasant summer afternoon or evening. Especially if most of your time is spent indoors, sitting by the park provides a beautiful change of scenery and can help you soak up some Vitamin C.

In fact make it a picnic, and invite friends and family to join you waterside while you enjoy what New York City Parks and Recreation has to offer you can be easily turned into a weekly activity that will get you or your elderly parents out of the house!
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For boaters and observers alike, be sure to wear skin-protecting clothing and apply sunscreen to exposed skin areas. While this may be a great hobby to do outdoors, protecting your skin is extremely important. Proper planning, precaution, and a genuine interest in the great outdoors and what NYC Parks and Recreation has to offer can turn into a lifelong hobby without you even knowing!

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