Happy senior couple together in love, outside, blue skyWith the passing of the summer solstice, it is time to officially kiss spring goodbye and embrace the hot and sunny weather ahead of us.

1. Get the air conditioner checked. As the summer continues to heat up it is important that your air conditioner is working at its full capacity. Depending on the size of your air conditioning unit, by cleaning the filter or dusting out air vents within the home, this can considerably increase the AC efficiency and leave you cooler and more comfortable in your home.

Additionally, this will help you to save on electrical bills in the long run. Get your air conditioner checked before it breaks down, as waiting for an electrician to come out can take days leaving you and your elderly loved ones to dehydrate in the heat.

2. Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself and your elderly senior hydrated is the most important way to ensure that the body is staying properly cooled. The elderly are at risk of heat exhaustion because of their body’s decreasing efficiency at cooling down internal temperatures. As a result, water is a key way of making sure that the body’s temperature does not get too hot and cause heat stroke.
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Heat stroke can lead to all sorts of other health complications, therefore by drinking water you are keeping your parents cooler and healthier.

3. Go for a swim. If there is a neighborhood pool close by, take your senior for a swim. Check local listings to see if there are senior water aerobic classes that they can participate in. This is a great way to cool down the body while still enjoying the summer heat. Of course make sure to put sunscreen on, even on overcast days as UV rays can still affect people enjoying outdoor activities.
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If you don’t have a pool nearby, consider taking a cool bath. By immersing yourself completely in moderately cool water, this helps the body to lower internal temperatures and prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Even a lukewarm bath will help to manage internal temperatures.
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4. Wear a hat. If your senior has an appointment or needs to run errands on a particularly sunny day, dress them appropriately! Choose light colored clothing that are loose fitting and comfortable to move in. And add a hat to protect the head and face! Again, don’t forget sunscreen for the arms and legs and any other exposed area.

By making these four adjustments to your daily summer regiment you can help to decrease the discomfort that might come with being hot during the coming summer months. If you think that your senior may be suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, call for help immediately. Take the necessary precautions to keep your senior properly hydrated and cooled and you will be able to pass the summer months in comfort!

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