A senior woman using a cell phoneAffordable Ways to Keep in Touch with your Elderly Parents

Technology continuously makes our lives easier, more efficient, and opens up new doors to the outside world. But many times, seniors see new technology as intimidating, confusing, and too complicated for them. Some seniors even refuse to use a cell phone because they think they are a challenge to use!

At Alvita Care, our latest new favorite device is the “Jitterbug Phone System” created by Great Call nearly six years ago. The Jitterbug is a smart phone that has been especially re-designed to be senior friendly. First off, the keys are larger so a senior can push the key that they want! The screen uses a bright color so it is easier to see and it uses a slide out keyboard that is larger! The best part is that this phone was designed with a “Yes” and “No” system so that seniors can easily maneuver phone options.
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Since seniors often feel embarrassed having to ask for help and needing multiple lessons on how to use the phone, the Jitterbug system uses a 5-Star urgent response system for helping the elderly. With a simple touch of a button, a helpful agent based in the US is available 24 hours a day will get on the phone to provide assistance. Even better, this customer service feature is completely free of charge! Other features that seniors can benefit from by using the Jitterbug phone are the health care services that are offered through it. These services include Medication Reminders, Live Nurse, Daily Health Tips, The Wellness Call, and My World. If you can believe it, there are no additional fees for these services!
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Other cheaper senior-friendly phones available include the Doro Phone Easy 410 –a flip phone with extra-large keys, amplified sound, and a talk back feature that talks as keys are dialed. Also, there is a large “SOS” button that when pushed, alerts the emergency contacts very easily.
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