Young female nurse assisting an elderly woman to climb down the stairs“Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up”

This often-heard slogan became famous with the introduction of “life-alert” and the new market of devices that help the elderly alert emergency contacts in the case that they fall or hurt themselves.

Elderly safety is a big concern in most adult daughters’ and sons’ minds, especially when their elderly parent lives alone. At Alvita Care, we have identified 5 hidden in-home dangers that cause the most slips and falls.

Pets: They might be cuddly and cute and man’s best friend but to your elderly parent they are a big danger. Dogs and cats can cause an elderly person to trip and fall without even trying. A larger dog can be a huge concern for an elderly parent because the dog can get excited and push your elderly parent over. The simple fix to this problem is to keep your parent’s loved animal in a separate room so that your parent can’t trip over them. Once your aging parent is settled then you can let your dog or cat come out of the other room.
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Floor Clutter: If a walker or a cane is involved, pull up the throw rug or get rid of it entirely. That’s right, all your floor decorations are a huge hazard and risk for your elderly parent. Many elderly people tend to shuffle their feet due to arthritis, Parkinson’s and other disorders that affect movement. Tripping on a rug or a table can cause a serious fall that may result in hospitalization.
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Bathroom: Hazards in the bathroom are often overlooked. The toilet seat is a large concern for most elderly parents because the height of the seat is too low. Fortunately, you can buy a plastic device that raises the toilet seat to chair level for as low as $30!
Cooking and Fire Hazards: Cooking can be a hazard for the elderly as their hands often shake and they may hurt themselves cutting or using the stove. Having pre-made food or meals on wheels can help eliminate this risk.
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Emergency Safety: Your elderly parent should be prepared if any emergency were to happen. Make sure your parent has a plan in the case that they have to evacuate their home immediately and have someone to help them do so. Having an easy way to call 9-1-1 for your elderly parent is critical to their safety. For under $25 you can buy a special phone that alerts the medical response team just with a simple touch of a button.


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