a pair of eyeglasses on a medical insurance formListed below are four dynamite products for seeing-impaired seniors.

In choosing which products to list, the question was “What would be most useful?” From the talking watch to the television magnifier, these products prove to be items that are useful and life-easing. They are all available from the MaxiAids website (http://www.maxiaids.com/store/prodlist_pc.asp?pc=1&gs4=18&gsCategory=Atomic%20Watches).

Talking Watch

These talking watches announce the time, day and date. They are most useful for those who can see on average, but not the fine print typically used with analog watches. It is radio controlled and will work within the contiguous United States.

Poet Compact 2 Reading Machine

This reading machine is easy to use. It has two buttons Scan/Read and Pause to simplify the directions, so both computer savvy and non-savvy seniors will be able to utilize it correctly. It has control knobs that adjust both volume and reading speed. In addition, because it used standard AC Power, no fuses will be blown.

TV Screen Enlarger for 20 to 26-Inch Flat Screens

This television magnifier is perfect for those who enjoy soap operas, comedy series and shows but have been unable to thoroughly enjoy them due to limited sight. During installation, the desired height can be chosen and set. It goes to up to 30″.

2-in-1 Magnifier Light for the Visually Impaired

This is by far my favorite of the four. Because it magnifies whatever is placed below it, it is perfect for the crafty senior. Not only is needle work possible, but knitting; drawing; reading and the numorous other crafts that require good sight and working hands.



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