two elderly people having a glass of wine togetherElderly people in love don’t cease having sex, or at least, they should not.

In this age of Viagra, herbal sex remedies, sex therapy and widely known karma sutra techniques, there is no reason why the elderly cannot enjoy wonderful sex. Granted, there are a few kinks to work out along the way.

Physical Limitations: Let’s tie them up.

Many elderly citizens in their later years are plagued with physical limitations. Because the body has been in use for some time, limitations may exist in arms, legs (arthritis, chronic pains) or affecting overall stamina (heart disease; stroke; diabetes) . The first step to addressing these issues is to speak to the doctor, not about the issue in themselves but about ways to tie up the issues for an hour or two. They may be able to proffer resources regarding sex and the elderly, or about the normal changes that affect the elderly body and ways to correct them. A sex therapist (who specializes in elder sex) and geriatrician might be the next best two stops.

The second step is to use your imagination. If a wife is more able bodied than her husband, his arthritis, chronic pain or lack of mobility should not stop their love life: there is a position for that. The same goes for a husband who is more able bodied than his wife. Depending on your imagination isn’t the only resource available-the local bookstore and (closer and much cheaper) Google, might have an answer for your burning questions.

Benefits of Elderly Sex

There are numerous benefits of elderly sex, the least but seemingly most relevant being reconnection between partners. Shared laughs and some pillow talk makes it feel good. Health wise, elderly sex proves to be great for the brain (it releases those timeless endorphins), and soothing (it reduces anxiety). For the elderly specifically, it allows for both self-acceptance and celebration. This sex will most likely not resemble the sex of your younger years-and it’s not supposed to. Instead, this is sex between partners who know their bodies and each other extremely well. It’s different-and better.


Elderly people in love don’t have to accept the limitations that age bring to their bodies and sex lives. There are ways and means to tie them up, and let the great times roll.


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