Apart from reading, seniors have a wide variety of options to choose from when deciding how to spend their free time.

Nursing home orderly takes a senior man for a walk in the gardenSmell the Roses
Gardening is a great hobby to start, continue and develop as retirement years progress. Not only are classes available for flower arranging, but gardening calls for a massive amount of love, creativity and care. Choosing bright, bold flowers, decorating flower pots and strategically placing gardening fixtures will bring about a lovely product, photo ready t share with family and friends.

Shake that thang!
For active seniors, a dance class can be a fun way to boost mood and strengthen muscles. Burlesque classes are fun, sultry and sure to bring spice to any love life. Slower paced waltz, and other ballroom style classes are also available, and sure to be as fun.

Let’s Sip
There are numerous wine shops in New York City that teach wine tasting. The Corkbuzz Wine Studio offers classes on wine tasting, wine in France and blind tastings. It’s never too late to have a fine, or finer, palette.

The summer brings with it lots of art classes. In New York City especially, classes are available is multiple locations for many different kinds of artwork. Google to find a great fit, price range and class.

Baking is a great way to experiment with and enjoy new foods. For seniors who enjoy sweet foods but cannot handle the health issues that may accompany them, researching alternate recipes will surely help. Cooking with family will also serve as a great way to bond.

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