a elderly black woman paying her bills onlineThe advent of Apple products has boosted the amount of tablet applications available to everyone.

For seniors specifically, apps serve a variety of purposes, from helpful to entertaining. Below are listed iPad and iPhone applications meant to make life easier and interesting!

Dragon Dictation
This application is particularly helpful for those with limited hand movement. It allows your parent or loved one to dictate text and send it as an email message. In addition, reminders can be recorded and posts on Facebook and Twitter.
Pill Reminder Pro
This application allows you to enter the name of a specific pill, the dosage and scheduled time. Not only will your parent be reminded, but able to keep track.
Skype is used by millions of people worldwide. Through free web chats, your parent will be able to connect with friends, check on family and say hello to grand kids.
This is another Apple application that keeps seniors involved in technology. With photos, videos and messages, elderly loved ones will be able to use their iPad as a frame, limiting the need for heavy user interaction. Easy touch buttons also help users troubled with arthritis who may trouble with the “tap” action.
Check helps improve the bill payment process by scheduling reminders when bills are due and centralizing all your accounts and bills. Your loved one will receive alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near.

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