a family of kids, adults and grandparentsLifestyles of the elderly are fairly limited: hardly does one hear from friends of the many activities that Mom is still involved with or grandpa’s newest sport.

Though this seems to be the norm, it is by no means the most that can be had in life’s mature stages. Creating a complete life for your parents is totally possible, and completely feasible. Not only are activities a useful tool in maintaining physical health at any age, they are most useful in allowing elderly citizens to enjoy themselves. Vitality at all ages should be a key goal, especially since aging seniors face a variety of unsettling complications and limitations. Here are a few ideas and activities to keep in mind.

1. Be Spontaneous! While many elderly persons function within a set routine, moving about within their homes on a schedule, there is something to be said for spontaneous action. Going to Coney Island, (for those located in New York City) or to the beach as a surprise for your loved one can be the perfect outdoors activity. In addition, a great restaurant or museum can allow them to interact with all the tastes and sights they have enjoyed. These are wheelchair-accessible activities as well.

2. Laugh! The giggles are a prerequisite to a happy life. In the mature phase of life, this should be a requirement of each day. Encourage your parents to laugh with funny videos, movies and shows. There are operas that are hilarious (think Falstaff) and a diverse amount of theatres (especially in New York City) that offer great, fresh films.

3. Encourage Inter-generational Bonding! A once weekly visit from grandchildren, children and family friends is a sure way to improve daily living. Not only will they break up the general routine, but they will also proffer engagement that might be missing, especially if aidesyou’re your elderly parents’ main point of interaction.

It is necessary to remember that a complete life is an engaged one. Creating this engagement means enjoying life. All in all, these are three simple ideas that can turn an entire life around. Put them to good use and see!


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