NYC yellow taxi in the cityFor Susan King, traveling to New York City was always a dream.

In light of the recent progression of her multiple sclerosis, this dream had begun to seem less and less feasible. While only 52, her MS had progressed rapidly, disabling her from being able to mobilize without assistance.

Spending her entire life in Ireland, Susan had always wished to visit New York City. But without able family members to assist her through the long plane ride and hotel stay, she had no way of visiting on her own.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that, as it progresses, attacks the central nervous system. Because it attacks the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves, advance stages of MS can make living by oneself extremely difficult.

Despite her condition, Susan was determined to make her dream to visit NYC a reality.

After speaking to several agencies, Susan was struggling to find an affordable aide that would be willing to accommodate her special situation for only a few days. But when Susan contacted Alvita Care, the willing staff members helped to develop a plan of care that would fit her specific needs and length of stay. Alvita Care was able to assign a caregiver to Susan who would not only act as an aide, but also as a tour guide of New York City! Having a personal aide around to help manage her MS provided peace of mind to Susan as well as to her family back home in Ireland.

From picking up Susan directly from the airport to helping her within her hotel room, the aide was there every step of the journey. Susan was able to visit many of the city’s most famous sights she had dreamed about for years including the Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and the Statue of Liberty. Her most memorable experience was a trip to see a Broadway show. Susan has always enjoyed musicals and live theatrical performances, and attending a Broadway show was the experience she looked forward to the most. Thanks to NYC’s wheelchair-accessible accommodations, Susan’s condition did not hold her back from enjoying everything the wonderful city has to offer.

As we grow older and conditions arise, the thought of traveling can appear more and more daunting. All the preparation, packing, planning – it can be stressful especially with diseases that necessitate constant watch and care. At Alvita Care, we encourage our clients to travel when they want to and where they want to. Taking advantage of the independence to move about freely, even if it requires some assistance, is an important way to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, even as we age.

*For privacy reasons, the names in this story were changed


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