The old woman in glasses looks at the screen notebook on a white backgroundWith technology becoming a larger and larger part of our lives, it only makes sense that the dangers we would be subjected to are equally as applicable to the older generation.

Protection from Internet theft and scams is important to ensure that your elderly parents can navigate the Internet without fear of falling prey to Internet predators.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your aging parents are safe from online predators.

1. Locate all Internet accessing devices. By doing so you can moderate and ensure that all devices that are accessing the Internet are being correctly protected.

2. Search all devices for evidence of inappropriate content. This includes image and video files. This can help to locate questionable content that may indicate a safety issue or risk in Internet connection and access.

3. Take administrative control. By having access to the administrative passwords, you can ensure that questionable software is not being downloaded onto Internet accessing devices.

4. Use filtering programs to block inappropriate content from coming up in pop-up windows. This will prevent your elderly parents from accidentally or intentionally accessing sites that can compromise computer safety. By protecting your parents from questionable content, you can protect them from harmful scams and software that might download itself.

5. Set up a safe email account. These allow for a third party to access the email account and also provide safety features like whom the email can contact. This can help to limit a lot of spam and viral spreading through email chains. Other features allow for unknown emails to be unable to send messages without permission.

6. Monitor social networking sites. While these sites can be a great way to reconnect, by posting certain information your elderly parents can be putting themselves at risk of information theft. Certain information can make your parents more susceptible to scams and other risks.

7. Talk to your parents about the inherent dangers of the Internet. While it can be a great tool, the ambiguity it lends to those who want to take advantage of others is great and can end in manipulation and blackmail. It is important to make your parents aware of these dangers and to explain to them the risks of using certain sites. Additionally, explaining that safety precautions are not to limit their use of the Internet but to make sure they are safe, is important to illustrate the unintentional risks they might be taking.

8. Be proactive in monitoring their Internet use and check history and cookies for any signs of suspicious activity.

By taking these steps, you are one step closer to ensuring that your parents remain safe no matter what they use the Internet for.

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