a portrait photo of a man getting dressed in the bathroom of his NYC apartmentModifying the home to meet the needs of an elderly person can be expensive and take time.

Especially to minimize fall risks and slips, you want a solution that is going to be immediate and not take time to install.

Here are some great products we recommend that can be easily installed and don’t require remodeling of bathrooms or weigh heavy on your wallet!

1. Bench or chair. Purchasing a bench or a chair that can easily be placed inside the shower is a really good investment for two reasons. First it provides a surface upon which your elderly parents can rest if they get tired from standing in the shower, or something that they can sit on so that they prevent a slip and fall in the shower.

They can also make a caregiver’s life easier such that instead of bathing, they can use the shower to help elderly bathe. Second, shower chairs and benches can be as inexpensive as $20! Although these chairs may make shower spaces more cramped, or take up room, when used properly they are a great way to prevent an accidental fall.

2. Hand-held extendable showerheads. Purchase a showerhead that can be hand held, therefore making it easier for the elderly to bathe themselves if they so choose. By installing a hand-held showerhead, elderly bathers of all sizes can adjust the height of the showerhead and also bring the showerhead to their body instead of exerting their bodies to reach a hard to reach showerhead. This will help to minimize any fall risks associated with showerheads that are inaccessible to bathers, especially when combined with a bath chair or bench.

3. Slip mats. Put down a slip resistant mat on the surface of the tub or shower to prevent elderly bathers from slipping on the smooth surface of a ceramic floor or tile. Especially if the bath is a shower-bathtub combination, this can help to make the surface of the bath floor less slippery. Even consider putting a slip resistant mat on the floor of the bathroom as well to avoid slips in the bathroom ball-together.

4. Bathroom caddie. Often showers and bathtubs are lined with all sorts of cleaning products; sometimes cluttering the amount of space there is to move about during a shower. Installing a shower caddie will free up considerable space within the shower and provide more cleared space for your parents to fall on to or lean upon in case they do slip or fall.

Especially if your parents have to continually bend over or reach to get soap and other cleansers, by placing a shower caddie at convenient height your parents no longer have to over extend themselves.

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