two senior women swimming in a poolAlthough you may have arthritis, this doesn’t mean that you should be handicapped or limited from participating in your favorite activities.

In fact certain activity can help to soothe inflammation. That’s why some people have turned to swimming to help soothe joint pain.

Living with arthritis can make daily life difficult and painful. Performing basic daily tasks can become a struggle, making a large impact in lifestyle. While your doctor may prescribe pain medication, the best way to soothe your joints is to take advantage of exercises that can help you ease joint pain.

Because of the buoyant nature of water, while swimming your weight is distributed differently. In fact, your joints will experience less stress from weight than when outside of water, providing relief from constant stress. By stretching out and floating around in the water, your joints will be relieved and you will be able to move without fear of pain.

Check your local listings for listings on water aerobics classes specifically designed for seniors. These classes can help you to remain physically active, while allowing water to alleviate the regular discomfort of movement. By joining in classes, it not only helps you to follow movements that are designed for the elderly, but also allows you to receive great physical exercise.

As you age, it is important to take advantage of whatever independence you may still have. Therefore by exercising in a pool, even arthritis can’t stop you from maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. Ultimately, it is important to not let your arthritis limit you and what you are able to do.

Activities that you once enjoyed should not be off limits simply because of your chronic disease. By taking day by day, you can take advantage of what each day allows you to do. If you are able to stretch, exercise your muscles to avoid stiffness and pain. Additionally, avoid carrying heavy or large bags on your shoulder. This will minimize any joint pain you may encounter on your shoulders and neck.

Not only is swimming a great way to remain active despite whatever setbacks arthritis might throw at you, but swimming is also a good way to create a regular routine that can help to alleviate pain on a regular basis. Especially in moderating weight gain, by continuing to remain active in combination with healthy eating weight gain prevention can manage arthritis pain. Joints that take much of the natural body’s weight will not be as stressed.

Exercise and good diet can help to alleviate stress on arthritis-affected joints. Especially when considering inflamed joints, swimming can help to alleviate pain immediately and provide a great form of exercise no matter what your age.


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