A happy senior couple cooking together in the kitchen of their New York City apartmentNot only can dietary restrictions limit what you consume as you grow older, but your body is going through its own natural changes!

Your metabolism will begin to slow down, and the way that your body absorbs food will change as you continue to age.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, Alvita Care has created its own Elderly Nutrition Blog! Here are some food groups that you may want to moderate or avoid all together as you age.

1. Sugar. Because your metabolism is slowing down, you need to consume less to feel energized and maintain your weight. But just because you need less calories doesn’t mean that you don’t need the necessary vitamins and minerals found through eating healthy foods.

Foods that have high amounts of sugar often lack in vitamins and minerals, making it difficult to maintain a healthy weight level and also preventing you from eating the proper foods to keep you healthy. Additionally, large sugar consumption can lead to long-term health problems like diabetes.

2. Unsaturated fats and transfatty acids. If you suffer from high cholesterol, it is especially important to avoid consuming foods that are heavy in unsaturated fats and transfatty acids. Avoid eating large amounts of dairy products, eggs, meat, and any foods that are deep-fried in hydrogenated oils if you suffer from high cholesterol.

Not only will this help to maintain low cholesterol levels, but will leave you feeling more energized and feeling healthier.

3. Salt. Although it may be difficult to avoid consuming large amounts of sodium, it is important to watch how much you eat on a daily basis. Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, by consuming foods with lots of salt, your heart has to work harder to metabolize such foods. As a result, your chance of heart disease increases significantly.

To moderate how much salt you consume on a daily basis, avoid high-sodium foods like canned soups, processed meats and frozen dinners. By consuming fresh produce, you will be able to control how much sodium is placed in your foods and also provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

4. Undercooked and unpasteurized foods. As you grow older, your immune system will begin to weaken. When consuming foods that are not completely cooked, the likely a food related illness is higher because of your body’s inability to completely fight off whatever bacteria might have been consumed.

It is important to completely cook red meat, fish, pork, eggs, poultry and leftovers to avoid food poisoning or other complications from consuming unheated food. Any dairy products or juices that are not pasteurized may also contain bacteria, so make sure to check labels at the grocery store before making purchases.

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