A senior woman sitting on a couch in her apartment's living roomWithin the home, there are many hidden dangers and hazards that can be life threatening to seniors.

While you may not think that the arrangement of your home can be potentially hazardous, it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid tripping and falling.

The most common accident that can occur in the home is tripping or falling.

In order to avoid such a mishap, it is important to make sure that your home is cleared of any potential walking obstacles. This can most easily be accomplished by moving furniture that might be in the way of doorways or major walkways within the home. Additionally, tucking away loose chords for any electrical appliances can avoid tripping on unseen wiring.

Other potentially hazardous home accessories can include rugs and low sitting furniture, such as coffee tables and foot rests. Check with your local hardware or appliance store for sticky patches or slip resistant mats that you can easily place underneath rugs to prevent them from moving underneath your feet. That way you or your elderly parents don’t have to worry about the floor slipping out from underneath you, while still preserving your interior decoration.

Low sitting furniture should be moved away from major walkways or even to the side of the room. Especially if you or your parents have an irregular walking gait, it can be easy to trip and fall over furniture that sits lower to the ground.

If your home has stairs, make sure that your steps and handrails are all secure and can sustain weight. Replace dim light bulbs and make sure that rooms are well lit to ensure that any potential hazards are visible. If rooms are dim, consider putting in brighter lights or installing a new lamp or ceiling light.

When in the kitchen, move appliances and spices from higher shelves to a shelf that is more easily accessible. Additionally if you utilize a stepping stool, make sure that it has a solid base and doesn’t wobble when you stand on top.

Especially in the bathroom, your elderly parents should be extra careful with clearing the floor of any potential obstacles. Put down a slip mat in the bathroom, to avoid falls on wet tile. In the shower, consider installing a handrail to avoid slips and falls. Additionally on slippery surfaces like hardwood, tile, or marble avoid wearing socks or other slippery footwear.

If you live at home alone, post important phone numbers by the telephone in case of emergency. Keep other important information, like doctor office phone numbers and other important contacts.
With a little bit of preparation and adjustment, you can make your home safe to live in and not have to worry about slip hazards!

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