a senior women working out with dumbells and weights.Sometimes it’s HARD to get out of bed OR out of the bathtub… NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE!!!

But, this fitness professional here says – it’s okay! Stay there a little longer!!! It may just do you some good!

#1) In bed either before you fall asleep or before you are ready to get out of bed to start your day, stay there a little longer and try to do some leg and abdominal exercises!

*Lie on your back, bring your knees to your chest, and bicycle. See how many you can do, and be sure to breathe in and out on each switch of your feet!!!
* Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest and criss-cross one knee over the other knee. On each criss cross breathe in and out!!!

*Bring your knees to your chest, extend your legs in the air best you can, and focus on pointing and flexing your toes. Try also, making big circles with your feet / ankles. Make sure you do both directions – right and left. Your ankles will thank you for ages!!!

#2) Take all of these to the bath. Make sure, of course, that your head is above water – unless you are a mermaid…

Cheers – and YES! I repeat! Go ahead and stay in bed or in the bath tub just a little bit longer!!! Your legs, abdominal, and ankles will thank you!!!

by Katrina Phillip
Certified Personal Trainer

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