a senior woman being put into the back of an ambulance with EMT workersThere has been an abundance of technological advances that now allow seniors to live within the comfort of their homes without fear of no emergency response in the case of a life-threatening situation.

Camera installations, home security systems, and cell phones all help to contribute to increased security and remote supervision for seniors.

Most popular and helpful is life alert. The personal emergency response service is great for seniors who are fall risk but insist on living independently. Even with in-home assistance, fall risk patients can still greatly benefit from a personal life alert system.

Designed to act as an automatic dialer connected to a telephone line, Life Alert can be worn in multiple forms, including a necklace or a wristband, making it easy to access in times of emergency. The caller will dial 911 when activated and act as a transmitter between seniors and 911. Therefore seniors who are unable to reach a phone for whatever reason have the ability to be able to contact help when necessary.

The design of the system is relatively simple, therefore allowing for anybody to be able to use the system. There is a central router that is connected to a phone line and the remote emergency alert dialer. The dialer is merely a button that can be pushed when in trouble.

While not particularly stylish, this new technology has allowed for thousands of seniors to stay in their homes. It is also a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring that your aging parents are safe. While there are different packages available, Life Alert services can cost as low as $30 a month.

Although this 24-hour service cannot replace a physical caregiver, there are benefits to having Life Alert. If you or your elderly parents are generally independent but are worried that help may not be accessible in times of need, then Life Alert may be the right service for you. Life Alert is not intended to replace assisted living or full time medical supervision, but rather to help those who are beginning to experience a decrease in health stay in their homes longer.

In fact, Life Alert was designed specifically for seniors who are still able to live by themselves, but want the peace of mind that help is an easy call away.

The modern age offers many alternatives to assisted living that can both increase senior independence and be more cost effective. In addition to being a great way for seniors to live at home, Life Alert can also provide family members with reassurance that round the clock assistance is available to their aging loved ones. Thus Life Alert, and other similar technologies, is a great introduction into assisted living services available today.

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