An elderly couple in bed talking about having sexA recent study presented at the Gerontological Society of America’s annual meeting in Boston reported that older married couples who still engage in sexual activity are more likely to report happiness in their relationship and with their lives overall than those who have sex infrequently.

This might make you blush thinking that your aging parent or elderly grandparents still have fun in the sheets but sex matters a lot as people grow older.

This research confirms the importance of sexuality to those over 65, said lead researcher Adrienne Jackson, who hopes the study “will help open the lines of communication and spark interest in developing outside-the-box approaches to dealing with resolvable issues that limit or prevent older adults from participating in sexual activity.”

Many people cringe when they think of sex after 60 but just like young couples, old couples need to explore and understand sex. Taking care of elderly parents includes understanding their sexual needs and desires. One precaution is that if an elderly person has physical restraints or limitations. A good idea would be to consult your doctor about your ability to have sex. Certain positions might be off limits, but the activity will be a boost to any aging person’s happiness and self-esteem.

From an aging women’s perspective, there is some apprehension in having sex after menopause – will it hurt? Will my sex drive change? Will a man still find me desirable as I age? Those are all valid concerns and, fortunately, in today’s age we are addressing those issues head on. Today, aging women can find excellend and informative articles about post-menopausal sex.

Here are some helpful tips for an active, healthy sexual life:
• Ask and Tell: Communication is always essential to a satisfying sexual experience and even more so as your age. Senior sex requires communication as no one is a mind reader. As a person ages both physical and mental connection is imperative. Sex and communication from the elderly perspective can help fulfill that need
• Slow down: As you age sex can become to be something that is just for pure physical pleasure. If a senior slows down, and takes their time the physical pleasure will be greater. In fact, the chemicals released upon excitement and climax will heighten an elderly person’s happiness. When an elderly couple slows down sex for the elderly is just plain better.

No matter what the age is, elderly sex is great and a senior should tell a partner what they want and practice, practice, practice!

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