Alvita home Care aides are leading personal companions and caregivers for seniors in New York City

About Us:
Alvita Care Serves NYC & Long Island NY

At Alvita Care we supply premier in-home care services designed to enhance the well-being, independence & dignity of our clients in New York City.

Our Company

Seal of approval from the Joint Commission, national quality approval

The Joint Commission

Alvita Care is a licensed home care services agency and has earned The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

We provide relief and assurance to family members who know that their loved ones are happy, safe and cared for.

We don’t believe in one-size fits all solutions and tailor our care plans to each individual client’s needs.

How Alvita Care Became A Family: Our Heritage

Alvitac senior home care in New York City and Long Island NY

Established in 2005

Our founder Tracy never dreamed she would enter the home health care business.

But one day, she realized that the grandmother who had so lovingly raised her was not quite as she used to be. “I was no longer the mischievous little girl who would kick a soccer ball in her dining room,” Tracy explained. “But Nana couldn’t chase me out of there anymore either.”

Tracy’s grandma, like so many of our grandparents and parents, was of sound mind and body “She was as spry as can be,” Laughed Tracy. “She had never fallen, had a memory like an elephant and never needed anyone’s help. But I worried just the same that there might come time when she would need me and I was not there.”

Originally from Iowa, upon graduation from the University of Iowa, Tracy moved to NYC to pursue a career in Wall Street. Over the next decade, Tracy and Nana would see each other often but as time passed, Tracy realized that her concerns were now based in reality and something needed to be done. During a holiday in Iowa, Tracy engaged a home care company to assist Nana, at first, with simple tasks and it quickly grew to activities of daily living. Managing Nana’s care soon became a second full time job for Tracy as she felt a million miles away from the women she loved and adored. Tracy hired caregivers, nurses, care managers, anyone to help and there was a consistent theme in her experience: caregivers late to shifts, even sometimes not even showing up!, theft, cell phone usage, the list goes on and on. Tracy tried to hire people both privately and through an agency yet her experience remained the same – a complete lack of accountability and responsibility for the office staff and minimal to no compassion and caring for the team taking care of Nana. During the 2005 holiday season, Tracy had enough. She decided to take Nana’s care into her own hands and the care of others.

This personal experience was the catalyst for Tracy to leave a career on Wall Street and bring her Iowa roots and help people in New York. Tracy instills a mission and philosophy of care without compromise, which drives home health aides’ standard of excellence and belief that seniors can and should live fulfilling and independent lives in their own homes while remaining connected to their community.

In 2012, we changed our name from Home Life Health Care to Alvita Care in order to better reflect the unique perspective we bring to the home care industry.  The root of our new name literally means “to life.” This describes our commitment to improving the quality of life for each of our clients.

Our Company Values

At Alvita Care, we have a simple mission: to improve lives, maintain independence and protect dignity by rendering the highest quality home care services to each of our clients while fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment for our employees.

To further our mission, we are open and honest in our relationships and straightforward in our communications.  We foster a positive environment where both clients and employees feel valued and have a voice.  We recognize that our clients are individuals and offer customized service to reflects this.

Our continued dedication to these values is a cornerstone of our success.

Our People & Our Matching Process

Alvita Care employees are not just qualified healthcare professionals. They are compassionate individuals dedicated to their clients.  We take great care in selecting our staff and only hire individuals whom we would trust to care for our own families.

It’s important to have a caregiver who is compatible with your loved ones.  We carefully match an experienced caregiving professional to each client based on his or her personality and needs.  We will happily make changes at any time should you desire. Learn more about our caregivers.

Our Clients

We go the extra mile to help our clients and ensure the care they receive from us is top notch.  Many have been so pleased with our service that they have offered to share their experiences with others. See what our clients are saying about us.

Alvita Care Services in greater NYC & Long Island NY

Our caregivers are available to assist with personal care, household services, respite and/or companion care while bringing exceptional compassion, skills and knowledge about Alzheimer’s and dementia to our clients.

Links to services that our caregivers supplement senior home care with:

Activities of Daily Living
– Elderly Incontinence
Household Services
– Organizing Tips for Homes with Elderly Parents
– Safety for Elderly Parents at Home
Respite & Relief Care
– How to Show your Caregiver that You Care
Companion Care
– Finding the Fun in Aging

We Have Special Skills for Helping Patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia:

Communicating with Alzheimer’s clients
Preventing wandering
Ensuring healthy and adequate meals
Participating in exercise
Engaging in activities
Monitoring for a safe home environment

We have specially trained nursing skills for Palliative and Hospice Care in New York City

Hospice Care: The 3 Questions You Must Ask Your Caregiver

We have specialized skills in Geriatric Care Management:

Patients with Long Term Care Insurance


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